Pascal Canevet


Brittany born Pascal Canevet is the man behind the success of award winning Maison Bleue. His style and food is loved by Trip Advisor reviewers for his French modern cuisine full of flavour, beautifully presented and locally sourced.

“Maison Bleue first opened its doors in 1998 and we’ve enjoyed every minute. Front of house is expertly managed by Karine, she has an elegance and charm that puts people at ease and adds the sparkle in my life”

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Quality and creativity are the hallmarks of Pascal’s  menu including fresh prime ingredients embellished with an innovative twist that enhances the flavours. A champion of locally grown produce Pascal inherited his love of ‘home grown’produce from his mother Lea Canevet.

“Seasonal locally sourced produce is a passion of mine; of course I’m creative and love presenting food beautifully but the delicate balance of flavour  is what I’m all about”

When choosing ingredients for Maison Bleue owner-chef Pascal takes time to ensure he knows the provenance, from farm to plate. He takes time to visit farms and get to know his suppliers; many now good friends.


His passion for cooking was influenced by his mother. Hints of childhood recipes are still retained within his menu’s and he always shares new ideas with her.

“My mother taught me how to prepare food with love, the delight in pleasing others, and the importance of good fresh ingredients “

A champion of good nutrition Pascal is involved locally with schools and the West Suffolk Culinary of Arts Academy helping to educate and share his passion for cooking. Working alongside students he takes time to share his skills in balancing fresh seasonal flavours, and helps them understand the top-level of classic cooking his style requires; its a steep learning curve for many, but his charm and calm nature help them work in teams alongside him. read more>



“It’s incredibly important to help future generations understand  sustainability and seasonality. Flavour is the key to good nutrition, we need to experience the real delicate flavour of fresh, natural produce, we need to engage our senses, smell, touch and taste”

A Rugby lover Pascal  supports Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club and many charities including local GeeWizz Charity, St Nicholas Hospice, Focus 12, and Cancer Research.

“Supporting our local community is very important to me.  GeeWizz Charity raises crucial funds and it’s an honour to have the opportunity to really make a difference with 91.5p in every £1 donated is used directly to help change local lives, with 100% transparency”

You can read more about Pascal’s work with GeeWizz on the GeeWizz website, with the opportunity to bid for Pascal to cook dinner in your own home. Read more>

Pascal writes for local magazines and editorials – including Iliffe Media Culture Magazine, Bury Free Press and  EADT West Suffolk Resident as their Food expert. He also appears on local radio and Maison Bleue has featured recently in a BBC TV production.


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